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Campus Vol IV N 4


Lang, Pete. "The Rain". Prose. 2.

Chase Jr., Richard and Jack K. Matthews Jr. "Fitz and the Field house". Picture. 3.

Gould, Jim. "After Graduation day". Prose. 4.

Runkle, Pete. "As We Danced Off Both our Shoes". Prose. 5.

Hawk, Bob. "Fields of Concentration For Seniors!". Cartoon. 6.

De Lackner, Barbara. "Spring fever". Poem. 8.

Goodwin, Joyce. "Would That Time Were A". Poem. 8.

Ward, Nancy. "It Was Fall". Poem. 8.

Rounds, Dave. Untitled. Cartoon. 8.

Johnston, Ed. "Campus Casuals". Prose. 9.

Gilbert, Ralph. "Campus Progress Report". Picture. 10.

Rounds, Dave. Untitled. cartoon. 12.


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