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Campus Vol IV N 3


Hawk, Bob. "Adventures of a Private Eye". Prose. 3.

Gillies, Jean. "The Fine Arts". Prose. 4.

Hauser, Bill. "After Hours Almanac". Prose. 5.

Chase, Dick. "Admirals of the Inland Lake". Prose. 6.

Runkle, Pete. "They Float Through the Air With the Greatest". Prose. 8.

Barton, Rusty. "Threads For the Female". Prose. 10.

Crocker, Larry. "Innocents Abroad". Prose. 11.

Wilson, Bob. "The Drums of Port Au Prince". Prose. 12.

Johnston, Ed. "Threads For the Male". Prose. 14.

Kreuger, Ben. "Column For Contributors". 15.

Rounds, Dave. Untitled. Cartoon. 21.

Taggart, Marilou. "Nightmare". Poem. 22.

Thompson, Rolan. Cover. Picture. 0.

Cover, Frank and John Trimble. "Campus Congratulates Emotion". Picture. 2.

Rees, Tom. "Our March Pin-Up Girl". Picture. 7.

Rees, Tom. "They Fly Through the Air With the Greatest". Picture. 8.

McGlone, Joe and Tom Rees. "Threads for Females". Picture. 10.