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Campus Vol IV N 2


Hodgson, Don. "Big Red On The Radio". Prose. 2.

Hauser, Bill. "After Hours Almanac". Prose. 4.

Ide, Don and Bob Porter. "I Remember D-Day". Picture. 6.

Hawk, Bob. "The Shysters: Drama in The Counselor's Office a la Hemingway". Prose. 7.

McGlone, Joe and Tom Rees. "Terpischore Takes Over". Picture. 8.

Parker, Chris. "Nuns Fret Not". Prose. 9.

Johnston, Ed. "Fashions For Men". Prose. 10.

Barton, Rusty. "Fashions For Women". Prose. 11.

Matthews, Jack and Joe McGlone. "Campus Congratulates". Picture. 12.

Rossi, Bob. "Doane * 9:55". Picture. 14.

Bedell, Barrie and John Hodges. "Ballroom to Boudoir". 15.

Anonymous. "Calender Girls For '50". Picture. 16.

Wittich, Hugh. "Prelude". Prose. 20.

Chase, Dick. "The Intramural Saga". Prose. 21.

Kruger, Ben. "Column For Contributors". Prose. 22.

Taggart, Marilou. "Leaves, Oh Man!". Poem. 22.

Taggart, Marilou. "Christmas Fugue". Poem. 22.

Froth. Untitled. Prose. 24.

Anonymous. Untitled. Cartoon. 24.

Optekar, Pat. Polyphemis' Wrath". Prose. 5.