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Campus Vol IV N 1


Duncan, Don. "To Be Bop Or Not To Be". Prose. 2.

Hauser, Bill. "After Hours Almanac". Prose. 4.

Bedell, Barrie and John Hodges. "Camera Crime". Picture. 5.

Anonymous. "God I thank Thee That I Am Not As Other Men". Prose. 7.

Talbot, Ralph. "What's Wrong With Denison Men and Women". Prose. 8.

Barton, Rusty and Ed Johnston. "Fashions For Fall". Prose. 9.

Anonymous. "The Return of the Native". Prose. 10.

Hodgson, Don. "Harold and The Broken heart". Prose. 12.

Rossi, Bob. "Sweat, Blood, and Cheers..." Cartoon. 13.

Anonymous. "Reunion At Denison". Prose. 14.

Chase, Dick. "Campus Works Out With The Big Red Eleven". Prose. 15.

R.W.G. "The Morning of Old Age". poem. 18.

R.W.G. "Thompson Trophy Race--1949". poem. 18.

R.W.G. "Football Hero". poem. 18.