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Campus Vol III N 4


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Hauser, Bill. "Guide to After Hours Antics". Prose. 3.

Hodgson, Don. "Father Time Reflects". Prose. 4.

Wittich, Hugh. "Looking Ahead". Prose. 6.

Subler, Doc. "Do You Know Your Campus?" Picture. 7.

Barton, Rusty and Johnston, Ed. "Campus College Fashions". Prose. 8.

Bedell, Barry and John Hodges. "So You Think You're an Operator?- or - An Expose of Conditions At Denison in 1920". Prose. 10.

Rossi, Bob. "Ah! Spring Vacation (Or...All Hell Breaks out in The United States)". Cartoon. 11.

Rees, Tom. "Panhell Panorama". Picture. 12.

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Anonymous. "Cartoons From a Psych Notebook". Cartoon. 16.

Horyn, Gene. "Stick Scrimmage". Prose. 18.; Thurn, Terry. "Fact Of Fantasy". Picture. 20.

Gillies, Jean. Untitled. Cartoon. 24.