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Campus Vol X N 3


Howard Studio. "Miss Judy Bruce, Kampus Queen 1955". Picture. 2.;

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 4.;

Beglen, Lois and Beve McClaren. "Across the Quad and Into The Weeds". Prose. 5.;

Anonymous. "Rex Miller M.D.". Cartoon. 6.;

Gibson, hoot. "English, Eh?" Prose. 8.;

McIntosh, Bruce and John Shepherd, "Sprung". Cartoon. 9.;

Anonymous. "How Couple Conscious Are You?" Picture. 10.;

Hodges, John. "Bridges For Beginners, or, Who the Hell Let You in the Game?". Prose. 12.;

Ape and KB. "The History of Granville". Prose. 14.;

Atta, Stan Van. "The History of Granville". Picture. 14.;

Anonymous. "Hungry, Frosh?" Prose. 16.;

Anonymous. "Cornell Window". Cartoon. 17.;

Anonymous. "The Spartan". Cartoon. 17.;

Shaw, Ted. "Senior Will". Picture. 19.;

Anonymous. "Senior Will". Prose. 19.;

Pelican. Untitled. Cartoon. 22.;

Haase. "Shaft". Cartoon. 22.;

Anonymous. "Octopus". Cartoon. 22.;

Anonymous. "Jester". Cartoon. 22.