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Campus Vol X N 2


Kull, Shaw. Cover. Picture. 1.

Howard Studio. "Miss Gert Mahaffey". Picture. 2.

Anonymous. "Kampus Calender". Picture. 5.

Hodges, John. "Classroommanship: or The Art of Going to School Without Actually Learning Anything". Prose. 9.

Shine and K.B. Wimpus. "It's Tradition". Picture. 11.

Opie, Shaw. "Harry and The Pirates". Cartoon. 12.

Knapp, Chuck. "Ned the newsboy--A Christmas Fable". Prose. 14.

Anonymous. "Our Miss Xmas Queen as Seen by..." Picture. 15.

Rasor, Tip. "How'd I do it?". Picture. 16.

Sherman, Marj. "A Xmas Tale For Juvenile Delinquents". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. "I Am the Very Model of a Modern College Sophomore". Poem. 19.

Anonymous. "Do You Need Anything?". Picture. 20.

Fitch. "The Down Hill General Backslide of Things While I was Away". Prose. 22.

Rasor, Tip. "Solution". Prose. 22.

Kull, Shaw. untitled. Cartoon. 23.

Kitty Kat. "Arizona". Cartoon. 24.

Banter, Colgate. Untitled. Cartoon. 24.

Gariffo and Marselle. Untitled. Cartoon. 24.

Kitty Kat. Untitled. Cartoon. 24.

Anonymous. "Sport Short". Poem. 25.

Anonymous. "Cully Hall Discovers Xmas fer Thinkin' of Others". Prose. 26.

Decker, Mary and Marj Sherman. Untitled. Cartoon. 26.