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Campus Vol 1 N 3


Todd, George. "The Valentine". Prose. 2.

Fanslow, Ellen. "Campus Canines". Prose. 3.

Anonymous. "Spring Glimpses on Campus". Picture. 4.

Anonymous. "Casual Corners". Prose. 6.

Welch, Vera. "Death is Not Sad". Poem. 7.

Welch, Vera. "I Do Not Love You". Poem. 7.

Taylor, Louis. "Clouds". Poem. 7.

Dancy, Betty Jane. "Pray Tell Me M' Lord". Poem. 7.

Dancy, Betty Jane. "Really Our Friendship is Perfect". Poem. 7.

Dancy, Betty Jane. "You Say You Love Me For My Faith". Poem. 7.

B.Z. "The Mountain". Poem. 7.

Findeisen, Robert. "Do You Want to Be A Doctor?" Cartoon. 8.

Thomas, John C. "Campus Kaleidoscope". Prose. 10.

Harman, Betty. "Sororities: The Way We See 'Em". Prose. 12.

Marshall, James. "Dischargee". Poem. 14.

Marshall, James. "Suggestions to Dali". Poem. 14.

Marshall, James. "Sonnet Modern, In G Minor". Poem. 14.

Marshall, James. "The Request". Poem. 15.

Dancy, Betty Jane. "My Mother Always Bade Me Beware". Poem. 15.

Anonymous. "On the Cuff". Prose. 16.