Denison Journal of Religion


This article looks primarily at two creation myths to understand the subjugation women have experienced through the patriarchy that has defined western history.

The first, Enuman Elish, is a traditional Babylonian narrative that Vajskop argues may have indirectly influenced the Genesis writers and the creation myth featured there. Both of these myths, Vajskop points out, start with a male deity creating a male progeny. This first act deprives women of their reproductive creativity and their necessity for life. Instead, women are portrayed as destabilizing and potentially dangerous persons who jeopardize life as it is known. Vajskop argues that this is the excuse patriarchy uses"the fear of women causing an uprising leads society to create a system that keeps women in their appropriate place and ensure the stability of society.

Vajskop concludes with the argument that these narratives remain powerful in society and continue to justify mistreatment of women.