Denison Journal of Religion


The Catholic Church is obviously uncomfortable with the level of blatant sexuality that characterizes American culture. In fact, Catholic leaders often claim that this constant presence of sexuality that bombards Americans desacralizes the act. This essay asks if it is possible, however, that the Catholic Church is also involved in desacralizing sexuality? DeCesare states that the emphasis that the Church places on conception as the only reason for sex, and the ease with which the Church condemns any sexual act outside of the bonds of a Church-sanctioned marriage, overlook the sexual act as one which also unites people, and exposes them to the love of God. Following the scholarship of Charles Curran, this essay posits that the Catholic Church should consider reevaluating its strict view of sexuality, particularly as it pertains to natural law, in order to empower its believers to live a healthier sexual lifestyle, and view that lifestyle as a means through which they can come to a fuller understanding of God.