Article Title

Exile Vol. VIII No. 1



Chance Encounter by Meredith Rose 5-12

The Chosen One by William Weaver 15-23

No Fuss, No Muss by Barbara Thiele 30-36

Easter Sunday by Christine Cooper 38-39

POETRY Two Poems by Barbara Purdy 12-13

Myself by Christine Cooper 24-25

The Kangaroo by Virginia Schott 27

Upon Remembering the Once-Novelty of Icicles by Barbara Purdy 27

Coming Awake by Janet Tallman 28

Poem by Christine Cooper 29

The Orb Weaver by Elizabeth Biggert 29

III Haiku by Robert Hoyt 37


linocut by Beverly Erbacher 14

pen and ink by Jackie Sims 26

woodcut by Elizabeth Surbeck


A Sense of Finality by William Weaver 4

Awarded the EXILE-Denison Bookstore Writing Prize: The Chosen One by William Weaver 15-23

pen and ink 26 was originally credited to Elizabeth Surbeck. However the bound copy has Jackie Sims listed as the correct name in pencil. This interpretation is followed, though there is no Jackie Sims listed in the "Contributors" section