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Exile Vol. LV 2008-2009


52nd Year

Season Cracking by Matthew Miller 4-5

Psychoanalysis by Nicholas Lewandowski 6-7

The Life You Learn From by Dan Sweatt 8

Phantom by Holly Burdorff 9-17

Faceless by Ellie Swensson 18

US Route 2 by Lauren Mallett 19

Chord Painting in A Minor by Holly Knouff 20

Hands by Halle Murcek 21-24

Hurrican Ike's Detritus by Brandon McAdams 25-27

Paul's Casting Out of Demons by Matthew Miller 28-29

The Language of Touch 30-31 Jayme Hughes 30-31

"Bartleby and Bess" by Elisabeth Giffin 32-35

Deserter's Longing by Luke Gelber 36

Rolling Rock by Dan Sweatt 37

Faith by Jayme Hughes 38

"Cover photo courtesy of Ellie Swensson" -2