Article Title

Exile Vol. XXIX No. 1


Once by Kate Silliman 1

Mute by Robert Youngblood 1

Photo by Walter Gunn 2

Cactus Man by Bruce Pedretti 3

From Years On Nauset Beach by 4

Lazy Days of The Matter That Fills You With Guild (And Ecstacy) by Eric Stevenson 5

Tennessee Friday by Becky Hinshaw 6

Photo by Jenny Gardner 7

Street Opera by Bill Hayes 7

Antonia by Ruth Wick 8

Photo by Sheila Waters 9

Tunnel Vision by Jeff Reynold 10

Mrs. Matthews by Kate Reynolds 10

A White Mountain by Ruth Wick 11

The Last Days Of Oliver Descantes by Jeff Hamilton 12-23

Photo by Christopher Hooper 24

Baptism by Becky Hinshaw 25

Sunday Afternoon by August West 26

The Joke's On by Christopher B. Broughm 26

Photo by Mark Baganz 27

Blues by Dave Rheingold 28

Speaking To You Through Derision by Jeff Hamilton 29

Photo by Jenny Gardner 30

Northern Lights by Adrienne Wehr 31

Tripping On The Yawn Of Tomorrow by Kate Reynolds 32

Cleo by Kim Kiefer 33

Kuei Mei by Amy Pence 34

Drawing by Peter Brooke 35

"Cover Drawing by Peter Brooke" -title page