Article Title

Exile Vol. XXIII no. 1



The White Butterfly by Dalton Trevisan (translated from the Portugese by Alexis Levitin) 5-6

Natural Selection by Anne Tomfohrde 7-14

Stuck a Feather in His Cap... (for Boo) by Tim Cockey 15-18

An Act of Violence by William McNaughton 19-22

Shall We Now Praise Famous Men? by Lawrence Weber 23-24


Wake by Dawn Patnode 26

Pebble by Lenore Mayhew 27

Bien: yo respeto... by José Mártí 28

Yes: I respect by José Mártí (translated from the Spanish by Joan Straub) 29

untitled by Mary Schloss 30

Nursing Home by Tim Cockey 31

Maia by Betsy Sloan 32

untitled by Loranna Franz 33

Momento Num Cafe by Manuel Banderia 34

Moment in a Café by Manuel Banderia (translated from the Portoguese by Alexis Levitin) 35

Pleiades by Dawn Patnode 36-37

untitled by Sharon Singleton 39

Travel by Libby Thomas 40

untitled by José Pretlow 41

"Melancolía" by Rubén Darío 42

"Melancholy" by Rubén Darío (translated from the Spanish by Joan Straub) 43

Lake Shore Drive by Alison Orleans 44

Repudiation by Tona Dickerson 45

Auvers 1889 by Dawn Patnode 47

Retreat by Deb Allbery 48

An Illusion Of Dancing Figures by Lawrence Weber 50-58

Cloud by Lenore Mayhew 59


Climbing 'earth's undying monument' by Richard H. Soaper, Jr. 61-71

A Program for the American Land by Lindy Davies 72-77

Kerouac and His Critics (For Amy) by John Kralik 80-82

"Cover photograph from a late nineteenth century glass negative found in an Ohio antique shop and used with the permission of its owner."