Article Title

Exile Vol. XIV No. 1



For George Wallace by Tom Cook 5

For Candy by Tom Cook 6-7

G. M. by Nancy Scott 13

Spinning Song by Karen Cozart 14

Traps by Bob Martin 21

Potato Cellar by Bob Martin 21

untitled by Jeffrey Smith 23

Summer Correspondence I by Lauren Shakely 39

Untitled by Hank Vyner 40

When He Returns, Tell Him by Barb Ingle 40

untitled by Tim Cope 41


The Elephants by Cem Kozlu 9-12

A Hill by Dick Devine 15-20

Man Minus 1 by Tom Cook 26-38

A Playmate by Jim Ruddock 43-44


Pen and Ink by Charles Greacen 4

Illustration For The Elephants by Kee MacFarlane 8

Pen and Ink by Bob Willis 20

Illustration For Career Girl 22

Illustration for A Playmate by Bob Tauber 42

Cover art by Kee MacFarlane