Article Title

Exile Vol. X No. 1



The Contest by Jon Reynolds 7-19

Engagement by John Hunting 23-34

Sea Scape by Ellen Heath 35-37

The Gift of the Pelican Keeper by Bart Estes 38-43

Trillium of Guilt by David Kay 46-50

The Enormous Snowfall by Ed Brunner 52-65

Story by Jane Cogie 66-67


Karen's Elegy by Al Werder 20-21

Chicken Little by Curt Matthews 34

Autumn by Judy Pister 37

Poem by Curt Matthews 44

Madame Bovary by Al Werder 65


Monoprint by Kathy Knapp 5

Pen and Ink by Bob Tauber 6

Linocut by Parker Waite III 22

Linocut by Jeff Barnes 38

Linocut by Jack Reilly 43

Water color by Kathy Knapp 45

Linocut by Bob Tauber 51

Awarded the semi-annual EXILE-Denison Bookstore Writing Prize: "The Gift of the Pelican Keeper" by Bart Estes 38-43